Power of One Report - September 2019

Power of One Report

Success in BNI is directly tied to the Five Key Fundamentals of BNI Success. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER OF ONE. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the BNI Northwest Region members listed below who scored 60 points or more in September 2019. You are directly contributing to the health of your chapter and the profitability of your chapter members!

Each Power of One element is scored out of a maximum of 20 points.

1. CEUs (One hour = One CEU). There are easily 6 CEUs for completing the online MSP. Goal: Four CEUs / month

2. Attendance. Goal: 100%

3. One-to-ones. Goal: Four one-to-ones / month

4. Referrals. Goal: Four referrals / month

5. Visitors. Goal: One visitor / month

Kent Networkers HR Huntsman 95
Kent Networkers Jim Rosemary 95
Plateau Partners Tracy Franks 95
Referral Catalysts Julia Cooke 95
Sound Referrals Keith Besherse 95
Best of West Seattle Domenica Lovaglia 90
B-Town Business Builders Martin Culbert 90
Creative Alliance For Growth Julie Vanni 90
Creative Alliance For Growth Bonnie Klauber 90
Islander Referral Partners Cathy Harrison 90
Professional Referral Partners Mary Pohlman 90
Professional Referral Partners Elizabeth (Leesa)   Nelson 90
Prospecting Professionals Rebecca Pixley 90
Referral Masters Peggy Haslach 90
Referral Masters Carmen Ruby 90
Sky Valley Business Boosters Patty Glenn 90
Sound Referrals Michelle Lorenson 90
Sound Referrals Jonathan B. Milligan 90
Synergy Business Alliance Ed Euken 90
Big Dogs Bob Wilke 85
Bridges to Success Mike Hufschmid 85
Eastside Excellence Steve Dellario 85
Emerald Networkers Geli Bloomquist 85
Kent Networkers Douglas Olsen 85
Kent Networkers Steven Weier 85
Leads to Perfection Wilma Peck 85
Pierce County Professionals Anastacia Scearcy 85
Plateau Partners Lynda Bilo 85
Sky Valley Business Boosters Jim Lee 85
Sound Business Leaders Dan Davis 85
Sound Business Leaders Mack McCoy 85
Sound Referrals Steve Lindberg 85
The A Team Coralee Kulman 85
The A Team Marie Stewart 85
Best of West Seattle Abby Fisher 80
Best of West Seattle Erin MacCoy 80
B-Town Business Builders Teresa Savage 80
Business Bulldogs Lauren Storbeck 80
Eastside Connection Tina Mitchell 80
Eastside Connection Rick Robertson 80
Eastside Excellence Lisa Shultz 80
Islander Referral Partners Charlie Hall 80
Kent Networkers Valerie Gray 80
Pierce County Professionals Yvonne Lopez 80
Pierce County Professionals Kim Reams 80
Plateau Partners Christine Mason 80
Plateau Partners Cindy Kamrin 80
Professional Referral Partners Vanessa Martin 80
Referral Catalysts Jaxson Maurer 80
Referral Masters Steve Comstock, CCIM 80
Sky Valley Business Boosters Richard Oliver 80
Sky Valley Business Boosters Staci Cahill 80
Sky Valley Business Boosters Linda Speer 80
The A Team Molly Axworthy 80
The A Team Jeff Graham 80
The A Team Jeremy Frieling 80
The A Team Colleen Dutmers 80
WestSide Professionals Ron Osborne 80
WestSide Professionals Rhonda Smith 80
Best of West Seattle Sam Drucker 75
Best of West Seattle Jenny Ling 75
B-Town Business Builders Sam Sakura 75
Business Bulldogs Laura Taylor 75
Dynamic Downtowners Colin Kossman 75
Eastside Connection Stefanie Hirota 75
Eastside Excellence Vicki Draper 75
Eastside Excellence Cathy Jeffris, LUTCF 75
Emerald Networkers Renee Vinje 75
Emerald Networkers Christopher DeHaven 75
Everett Northend Networkers Jordan Kurtz 75
Islander Referral Partners Catherine White 75
Islander Referral Partners Rene Yoshino 75
Islander Referral Partners Darcie Guyer 75
Islander Referral Partners Gretchen Frederick 75
Islander Referral Partners Kathleen Davi 75
Kent Networkers Jose Gonzales 75
Kent Networkers Garth Conner 75
Kent Networkers Penny Woodward 75
Kent Networkers Jodi Mecham 75
Kent Networkers Krystal Behunin 75
Leads to Perfection Mary Jo Bader 75
Leads to Perfection Linnea Jones 75
North Sound Business Leaders Greg Minarchik 75
Pierce County Professionals Satbir Gill 75
Plateau Partners Theresa Baker 75
Plateau Partners Stacy Heller 75
Plateau Partners Nathan Goldman 75
Professional Business Builders Katherine Bouglai 75
Professional Referral Partners Ariel Hubbard 75
Professional Referral Partners Shanghong Li 75
Prospecting Professionals Joshua Lowell 75
Referral Catalysts Steve Cooke 75
Referral Catalysts Tawny Sanabria 75
Referral Masters Tai Larson 75
Referral Masters Kristen Augusztiny 75
Seattle Professionals Jean Prominski 75
Sound Business Leaders Jennifer Boyle 75
Sound Business Leaders Chelsea Ball 75
The A Team James Fowler 75
The A Team Jason Freilinger 75
The A Team Melody Williams 75
The A Team John Hall 75
WestSide Professionals Stella Loichot 75
Best of West Seattle Ryan Schoeb 70
BNI City Referrals Kristina Schramm 70
B-Town Business Builders Amelia Hertog 70
B-Town Business Builders Ryan Hughes 70
Business Bulldogs Lori Krasnowsky 70
Business Bulldogs D. Rick Walter 70
Business Bulldogs Scott Milburn 70
Business Bulldogs Mary Jo Staebler 70
Creative Alliance For Growth Adrian Leontovich 70
Eastside Connection Jeanette Betton 70
Eastside Connection Crystal Stevenson 70
Emerald Networkers Jimmy Smith 70
Emerald Networkers Gary Cassill 70
Evergreen Referral Alliance Angela Layne 70
Evergreen Referral Alliance David Rice 70
Evergreen Referral Alliance Kevin Bohnert 70
Islander Referral Partners Janis Bayley 70
Kent Networkers Laura F. Vincent 70
Kent Networkers Jesse Thatcher 70
Kent Networkers Elena Houle 70
Kent Networkers Bernardine Schultek 70
Kent Networkers Jeffrey Kelly 70
Leads to Perfection Beverly Glassey 70
North Sound Business Leaders Kyle Blackwell 70
North Sound Business Leaders Kim Thompson 70
Pierce County Professionals Michelle Morales 70
Plateau Partners Cherry O'Neill 70
Plateau Partners K'ai Fu 70
Plateau Partners David Jensen 70
Plateau Partners Melissa Reaves 70
Professional Business Builders William Justyk 70
Professional Business Builders Mitzi Verlinde 70
Professional Referral Partners Rich Hall 70
Prospecting Professionals Eleanor Siverts-Akerman 70
Prospecting Professionals Jacob Kemmerer 70
Referral Catalysts Daniel Simon 70
Referral Catalysts Linda J Porreca 70
Referral Masters Krista Rosemary 70
Referral Masters Jamey Sing 70
Referral Masters Antonieta Taylor 70
Referral Masters Teresa Fromm 70
Referral Masters Marjorie Goldfarb 70
Seattle Professionals Gaelen Poage 70
Seattle Professionals David Katz 70
Seattle Professionals Alison Herber 70
Seattle Professionals Jordan Malloch 70
Sky Valley Business Boosters Sean Mayer 70
Sound Business Leaders Ken Jones 70
Sound Business Leaders Lucinda O'Halloran 70
Sound Business Leaders Nora Ludviksen 70
Sound Referrals David Quantrell 70
Sound Referrals Kathryn Jacobs 70
Sound Referrals Gabriel Tetrault 70
WestSide Professionals Amanda Kratochvil 70
WestSide Professionals Elise Kloter 70
Best of West Seattle Sadie Schnitzler 65
Best of West Seattle Beth Percival 65
BNI City Referrals Michael Avzaradel 65
Bridges to Success Michael Cunningham 65
Bridges to Success Jennifer Norene 65
Business Bulldogs Doug Peterson 65
Business Bulldogs PJ Glassey 65
Business Bulldogs Jerry Tuisl 65
Creative Alliance For Growth Anne Marie Peterson 65
Eastside Connection Michael Santiago 65
Emerald Networkers Jennifer Lamfers 65
Everett Northend Networkers Carolyn Farrell 65
Islander Referral Partners Cynthia Nolan 65
Kent Networkers John Stocks 65
Kent Networkers Bijan Cole 65
Kent Networkers Joseph Hamell 65
Kent Networkers Dan Drotts 65
Kent Networkers Brendan Smith 65
Kent Networkers Joe Hamlin 65
Leads to Perfection Trent Trailov 65
Narrows Business Connections Yong Anderson 65
Narrows Business Connections Trammel Smith 65
Narrows Business Connections Bruce Corns 65
Narrows Business Connections Stacy Page 65
Narrows Business Connections Gilbert Quante 65
Pierce County Professionals Rachelle Brouhard 65
Plateau Partners Pierre Frevol 65
Plateau Partners Greg Willis 65
Plateau Partners Lynda McClelland 65
Professional Partners Nicholas Baker 65
Professional Referral Partners Greg Kim 65
Referral Catalysts Tyler Barnes 65
Referral Masters Sik Chi Stanley Chan 65
Referral Masters Joy Moorehead 65
Referral Masters Kory Edwards 65
Referral Masters Stephanie Snyder 65
Referral Masters JoLee Conver 65
Referral Masters HeeJoo Park 65
Referral Masters Ashley Young 65
Sky Valley Business Boosters Gina Dahlinger 65
Sound Business Leaders Cheryl Iodice 65
Sound Business Leaders Bhakti (Laura) Watts 65
Sound Business Leaders Zachary Euse 65
Sound Business Leaders Brian Tschider 65
Sound Business Leaders Lewis Johnson 65
Sound Business Leaders Ryan Sobotka 65
Sound Referrals Nicole Remington 65
Sound Referrals Christine Rose 65
Sound Referrals Tony Cox 65
Sound Referrals Nicole Tunkara 65
Sound Referrals Christian Vargas 65
WestSide Professionals Holli Margell 65
WestSide Professionals Judi Ervin 65
WestSide Professionals Tim Van Liew 65
WestSide Professionals Jody Dexter 65
WestSide Professionals Jina Constantin 65
Best of West Seattle Alicia Singer 60
Best of West Seattle Rebecca Mullins 60
Big Dogs Dennis DeFotis 60
Big Dogs Katlyn Ferguson 60
BNI City Referrals Ric Heideger 60
BNI City Referrals Zac Vehrs 60
Bridges to Success Jessica Melcher 60
Bridges to Success Shawna Shelton 60
Bridges to Success Ryan Babbit 60
Bridges to Success Christopher Lund 60
B-Town Business Builders Martin Hughes 60
B-Town Business Builders Mark Nunley 60
B-Town Business Builders Andrew Ball 60
B-Town Business Builders Ross Wolf 60
Business Bulldogs John Surdi 60
Business Bulldogs Lauren Mikov 60
Business Bulldogs Alex Bertolotto 60
Business Bulldogs Peter Baughman 60
Business Bulldogs Robert DeLaurenti 60
Business Bulldogs Jackson Rezab 60
Connection Empire Daniel Volkert 60
Creative Alliance For Growth Katrina Hamilton 60
Dynamic Downtowners Michael Arceneaux 60
Dynamic Referral Partners Jim Hoover 60
Dynamic Referral Partners Alison Roy 60
Eastside Connection Daniel Gelhaye 60
Eastside Excellence Susan Watters 60
Everett Northend Networkers John Carsten II 60
Islander Referral Partners Tiffany Gough 60
Islander Referral Partners Jana Riggan 60
Kent Networkers Alicia Gelles 60
Kent Networkers Dawn Brown 60
Kent Networkers Kaitlin English 60
Madison Marketeers Jim King 60
Narrows Business Connections Jay Salmi 60
Narrows Business Connections Danielle Laybourn 60
Narrows Business Connections Linda Jackson 60
North Sound Business Leaders Joe Klein 60
North Sound Business Leaders David Cook 60
North Sound Business Leaders Frank Ruiz 60
North Sound Business Leaders Vanessa Hartley 60
Plateau Partners Jennifer Harris 60
Plateau Partners Mary Gleason 60
Plateau Partners Jon Sefton 60
Plateau Partners Kristine Noble 60
Plateau Partners Eileen Vierra 60
Plateau Partners Justin Park 60
Plateau Partners Suzy Berger 60
Plateau Partners George Charles NMLS # 71696 60
Professional Business Builders Kathy Clayton 60
Professional Partners Sue Holm 60
Professional Referral Partners Larry Wood 60
Prospecting Professionals Larry Reichle 60
Prospecting Professionals Julia Anderson MPT 60
Referral Catalysts Brad Overlin 60
Referral Masters Brian Cole 60
Referral Masters Wendy King 60
Referral Masters Sharon Gentry 60
Referral Masters Sean Diven 60
Seattle Professionals Shaun An 60
Seattle Professionals Morgan Rilling 60
Sky Valley Business Boosters Brian Metcalf 60
Sound Business Leaders Mike Plaster 60
Sound Business Leaders David Baxter 60
Sound Business Leaders Erin Thorne 60
Sound Business Leaders Julie Janowicz 60
Sound Business Leaders Hollis Rendleman 60
Sound Referrals Emmie Perez 60
Sound Referrals Lisa Melroe 60
Sound Referrals Julie Brown 60
Sound Referrals Ty Lee 60
Sound Referrals Ethan Miller 60
The A Team Maribeth Slovasky 60
The A Team Rebecca A. Roberts 60
The A Team Brian Ivey 60
West Seattle Champions Fawn Coussens 60
WestSide Professionals Kandie Jennings 60
WestSide Professionals Behnaz Mansouri 60

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